What are Space Skills?

On a basic level space skills are the skills that you might need to live and work in “Space” – by which I mean outside of the Earth’s atmosphere.  On a deeper level space skills are skills for the future of humanity: the use of advanced technologies, such as electronics, robotics, material sciences, and bio-engineering; the application of science to develop a better understanding of the Universe; and working more efficiently with limited resources.  What’s more, although in the beginning space exploration was a competition, projects like the International Space Station are a great example of countries working together towards a common goal.

The exploration of space requires the most advanced technologies and brilliant minds of our civilisation; but there are fun and interesting space-related activities suitable for all ages and abilities.  This site aims to provide a collection of practical activities in space skills.  I will have tried everything myself, and if I can do it then so can you.

The Legal Bit

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